Our company constantly exports food products, agricultural products to foreign markets, the main of which are the countries of the Middle and Far East.

Gain’s supply portfolio includes cereals and oilseeds, vegetable oils (refined and unrefined sunflower oil), wheat flour (premium and first grade).

Thanks to the presence of our own logistics company, our team plans the delivery schedule in advance, which allows you to fulfill all orders strictly in the time agreed with the company’s customers.

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The algorithm of individual delivery of cargo is developed taking into account the following factors:

  • Type of goods;
  • loading and destination point;
  • method of delivery: road, rail, sea, river;
  • seasonality accounting in the change of tariffs for different types of transport;
  • market situational availability of a particular mode of transport.

If necessary, we use the mechanism of accelerating the supply of goods at each stage and by any mode of transport.

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Customs clearance of export

Customs clearance of export is a procedure prescribed by current legislation. It applies to all categories of goods, from food to equipment and special machinery exported outside the country for commercial purposes. At registration laws and rules of two countries – from where cargo is transported and where it is imported are considered.

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Search for foreign buyers

As part of the service, including preliminary contact and interest check, we are ready to form for you a list of potential buyers who have shown interest in your products and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations.

As part of the implementation of the service in cooperation with the international network, based on the information provided by you.

I would like to emphasize that the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the service are not only your desire to work in the selected market, but also the need of the selected market for your products, as well as your company’s willingness to make efforts and incur certain costs. In this regard, we ask you when applying to form a package of documents for expert assessment of the prospects of your application.

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