Customs clearance of export

The service of customs clearance of export consists of:

  • preparation of a set of documents;
  • audit;
  • submission of DT to the customs authority;
  • issue of DT;
  • VAT refund assistance.

Gain Customs Service specializes in the preparation and execution of documentation for the import / export of goods from Ukraine. As our service in the logistics market has been operating for a long time, we guarantee fast and high-quality customs clearance of exports, regardless of the category of goods, volumes and frequency of export.

Customs clearance of export is a procedure prescribed by current legislation. It applies to all categories of goods, from food to equipment and special machinery exported outside the country for commercial purposes. At registration laws and rules of two countries – from where cargo is transported and where it is imported are considered.
For customs clearance of cargo exports it is necessary to provide a package of documents, including:

an international agreement with the carrier and a set of necessary supporting papers;
an agreement concluded between the seller and the buyer of the goods, which describes in detail all the characteristics of the product (name, cost, weight, packaging, quality, quantity). This is the necessary information to calculate the customs value of the goods;
licenses and certificates for the goods confirming the origin of the products;
the document confirming payment of customs duties, as a rule, is checks.

In addition, a transaction passport may be required if a product supply contract. Additional documents may also be required, depending on the group of goods being exported.