Search for foreign buyers

As part of the service, including preliminary contact and interest check, we are ready to form for you a list of potential buyers who have shown interest in your products and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations.

As part of the implementation of the service in cooperation with the international network, based on the information provided by you

make a preliminary list of potential partners for your company in the target market on a sectoral basis;
will search for additional information to clarify the profile of potential trading partners and assess possible interest in your company’s products,
will send your presentation materials, will monitor the feedback in the initial negotiations with selected potential trading partners to identify and confirm interest in cooperation with your company

In the end, you receive a report with a list of potential buyers who have expressed interest and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations with your company, recommendations for further negotiation with them.

I would like to emphasize that the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the service are not only your desire to work in the selected market, but also the need of the selected market for your products, as well as your company’s willingness to make efforts and incur certain costs. In this regard, we ask you when applying to form a package of documents for expert assessment of the prospects of your application.

In that case, if in the process of providing the service we understand that due to national and industry specifics we will not be able to organize the service on our own, we will be ready to involve specialized commercial organizations from accredited agents and international consultants.