What Ukraine sold in 2019

The TOP-10 goods in Ukrainian exports in 2019 account for 43.2% of total exports. The rating is traditionally headed by raw materials of agro-industrial and mining and metallurgical complexes. Mechanical engineering products, thanks to the labor-intensive production of car parts, took third place.

TOP-10 export goods. What Ukraine sold in 2019 01

For 11 months of 2019, the monetary volume of exports of goods from Ukraine amounted to $ 46 billion. Compared to the same period in 2018, it increased by 6.3% or $ 2.7 billion.

Leading places in the TOP-10 export goods, according to the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, is occupied by agricultural products and food industry. It is followed by products of the metallurgical complex and mechanical engineering.

TOP-10 export goods. What Ukraine sold in 2019 02

The trade representative of Ukraine Taras Kachka published the TOP-10 goods of Ukrainian exports on his Facebook page. They look as follows.

1st place – corn. It exported 32 million tons for $ 5.2 billion. This is 11 million tons more than a year earlier. And this is 10.4% of total exports.

15 million tons were exported to the European Union. 4.2 million tons were bought by China, 3.8 million tons by Egypt, 2.8 million tons by Turkey, and 1.2 million tons by Israel. In total, corn was sold in 49 markets.

2nd place – sunflower oil. It was exported for $ 3.78 billion. The share in total exports was 7.6%. 2.1 million tons were sent to India. In the EU – 1.77 million tons. 838 thousand tons were sold to China, and almost 400 thousand tons to Iraq. In total, the oil was supplied to 59 markets.

3rd place was taken by wheat. It was exported 19.96 million tons worth $ 3.65 billion. The share in exports – 7.3%.

Last year, exports of this product significantly changed geography. Exports to the EU fell by more than half, from 1.45 million tonnes to 0.6 million tonnes.

A similar picture with the Philippines – a reduction from 1.7 million tons to 1 million tons. Tunisia bought almost last year’s volumes – 1 million tons.

Turkey has increased imports of Ukrainian wheat 4.7 times – up to 1.16 million tons. Bangladesh – 2.5 times, up to 2.28 million tons. Egypt leads – 3.5 million tons and an increase of 2.6 times. In total, wheat was sent to 63 markets.

4th place – pellets of iron ore. They were exported 15 million tons worth $ 1.6 billion. The largest producers of these products – “Metinvest” Rinat Akhmetov and Vadim Novinsky and Ferrexpo Konstantin Zhevago and “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih”.

5th place – iron concentrates, which were sold 18.7 million tons. Revenue grew 41.8% to $ 1.42 billion.

6th place – cables. Revenue from their exports brought in $ 1.32 billion.

7th place – slabs. They were exported 3.19 million tons worth $ 1.29 billion.

8th place – rapeseed. It was sold 3.1 million tons for $ 1.26 billion. The main buyer of Ukrainian rapeseed – the EU (2.97 million tons).

9th place – soybeans. This product was exported 3.6 million tons worth $ 1.16 billion. Turkey bought 1.3 million tons. The EU and Egypt – more than 700 thousand tons. Sales to Egypt increased almost 5 times. Another 440 thousand tons went to Belarus.

10th place – sunflower meal. It was sold 4.7 million tons for $ 975 million. The leaders in the purchase of meal were the EU and China. The EU bought 1.7 million tons, China – 1.26 million tons.

TOP-10 export goods. What Ukraine sold in 2019 03

The TOP-5 largest export partner countries of Ukraine in 2019 include:

The European Union – 41.8%.
China – 7.2%.
Russia – 6.5%.
Turkey – 5.1%.
Egypt – 4.5%.

Exports to China, the EU, Egypt, Belarus, Algeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand and Ethiopia increased.

Exports to Russia, Iran, India, the United States and Iraq declined significantly.

TOP-10 export goods. What Ukraine sold in 2019 04

Exports of goods to the EU amounted to $ 19.2 billion. Compared to the same period in 2018, exports of goods to the EU increased by 4.4% or $ 806.8 million.

Most agricultural products and food products were sent to EU countries – 34.5% of the total. In second place are the products of the metallurgical complex – 18.8%. On the third – mechanical engineering with a share of 15%.

Sales of corn, sunflower oil, rapeseed, cake and electricity increased. Among the goods whose exports decreased – wheat, ferroalloys, flat (hot-rolled), semi-finished steel and flat (cold-rolled).

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