Beverage Coca-Cola 0.25 glass

Drink Coca-Cola Classic glas, 0.25 l
Packaging:Glass bottle
Quantity in packing, piece:12
Weight / Volume:0.25 л
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This product does not contain ingredients derived from genetically modified crops, widely known as GMO. Coca-Cola Classic glass, 0.25 l – is a legendary taste that can make any moment unforgettable. It refreshes and fills with energy, leaving a pleasant spicy taste.

Coca-Cola is the magic of taste, this unique taste, unique recipe and unique form of packaging, which can not be confused with any other.

This product does not contain ingredients derived from genetically modified crops, commonly known as GMOs.

Description - Beverage Coca-Cola 0.25 glass

Ingredients: purified water, sugar, dye sugar color IV, acidity regulator orthophosphoric acid, natural flavors, caffeine (less than 150 mg / l).

Coca-Cola was created in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John C. Pemberton back in 1886 by mixing syrup and water. Regular production of Coca-Cola began in 1887, and the brand was registered in 1893. Since then, Coca-Cola is the G1 brand in the world.
Beverage Coca-Cola 0.25 glass - features
Nutritional value per 100 ml: Calories 176 kJ/42 kcal Fats 0 gr. Carbohydrates 10.6 g. Sugar 10.6 g. Proteins 0 gr. Sodium 0 gr.
Beverage Coca-Cola 0.25 glass - peculiarity
Coca-Cola appeared in Ukraine in 1992, and since then this drink gives pleasure with every sip. It's a drink that makes every moment in life special, it's an experience you want to share with friends and family, it's a sense of unity.
Beverage Coca-Cola 0.25 glass - video review