Top 5 export products of Ukraine in 2018

In 2018, we managed to increase food supplies from Ukraine by $ 800 million.

This is stated in a statement by the Food Export Board (UFEB).

According to customs officials, in 2018 the total value of exports of agricultural products amounted to 10.4 billion dollars, despite the fact that in 2017 this figure was 9.6 billion dollars.

In the general structure of exports it is possible to note top 5 products which shipment was the largest:

  • exports of oilseeds amounted to 55.8 thousand tons worth $ 4.1 billion;
  • poultry meat and edible offal – $ 507 million;
  • sugar (beet) – 217 million dollars;
  • chocolate products – 171 million dollars;
  • bakery products – 153 million dollars.

UFEB analysts noted that in the structure of total exports, value-added products will show growth in 2019, but compared to exports of raw materials, the growth will not be as impressive.

Products that can be included in the export top:

butter – because in 2018 Ukraine entered the top five world exporters of this product;
the apple shows a tendency to expand its export geography;
honey – although 2018 was not easy for Ukrainian producers, but this product retains its export potential;
soybean oil – if the sown area does not decrease significantly, this export product will remain in the top ten in 2019.

It will be recalled that last year Ukrainian exports of agricultural products to EU countries increased by 8.7%.

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