TOP-5 products of export and import of Ukraine in 2020

Exports of agricultural products remain the most stable in Ukraine, despite the difficult 2020.

The main export products are:

1. Cereals.

2. Fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin.

3. Seeds and fruits of oilseeds.

4. Residues and waste from the food industry.

5. Meat and edible offal.

“Cereals remain the main group of goods in agricultural exports, only slightly decreasing in size – by 2% compared to 2019. In particular, this is due to the decline in yields in 2020 due to drought in the central and southern regions of Ukraine, “- say analysts.

As for vegetable and animal fats, Ukraine has increased exports of these products by 22%. This growth was achieved primarily due to increased production of sunflower, its domestic processing and increased sales of oil to Asian countries. Ukraine also remains the G1 exporter of sunflower oil to the EU, UCAB added.

“However, exports of oilseeds decreased by 28% compared to 2019 due to reduced production of soybeans and rapeseed. Exports of food industry residues and waste increased by 6%. Meat and edible offal decreased by 8%, including due to EU quarantine restrictions on poultry meat, ”the statement said.


UCAB noted that in 2020 supplies increased for all key import products.

“Edible fruits and nuts were imported 18% more than in 2019. The reason for this is the frosts that caused the crop failure. This especially affected apples, the prices of which have risen significantly. Of imported fruits, banana prices have risen less, ”experts said.

Fish and crustaceans, mollusks – grew in imports by 6%.

“Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and vinegar increased in imports by 10%. The share of wine and wine products in the supply to Ukraine from the European Union is one of the largest in agricultural imports, “- stated in UCAB.

Tobacco and industrial tobacco substitutes increased by 12% in imports.

Various food products were imported by 10% more.


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